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Delivery Information


We ship worldwide using  ELTA services, which is the regular Postal Service of Greece. The packaging and handling of your order from us takes 2-3 days and once it is shipped from us it is delivered to you within 10 days the most.

The date of arrival is approximate. We hold no responsibility for possible delays caused by the shipping company. We always e-mail to the costumer the receipt of acceptance of the package by  ELTA and a tracking number so that you can check at any time the exact location of your order till it is delivered to your door.

All our items are safely packaged, so as to be delivered to you in one piece and are shipped insuranced, by ELTA. We hold no responsibility for possible damage of the goods, caused by the shipping company, during transport. In case the parcel during delivery is damaged in any way, it is best not to accept the item or to open it in front of the postman, or take pictures while you open the package. In the rare case the item inside is damaged, you may return it to us to repair it, but all shipping costs from and to you will burden the client. All shipping costs will be refunded when the mailing service remunerate us.

Return Policy

In the rare case you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer an unconditional money return guarantee within 15 days since the delivery.

  • Mail us a brief explanation for the reason of your return, accompanied with the data of the returned item.
  • Once you contacted us we will give you specific instructions where to return the item.
  • When we receive the returned product, we will notify you by mail and we will issue a refund with the total amount of the purchase, whithin 30 days since the product returns. The mailing fees for returning the items to us, burden the client.

You should also have in mind the following:

  • Any returned items should be mailed to us by regular mail, through your country's regular Postal Service and not by private courier companies.
  • You should pay extra attention to the packaging of the returned items! We do not refund items that come back to us damaged or broken due to poor packaging of the sender!